Sunday, 1 December 2019

12 Mysterious Holes That Look Like A Way To Connect To The Underwater World

The motion of the earth's crust occurs at all times. Sometimes they create large ravines on our Earth's crust, creating beautiful and astonishing places. Or at times these holes were created by our own humans for certain purposes.
Today, Tales Tab wants to introduce you to 12 mysterious holes that look like a way to connect to the underwater world.

1. The sinkhole, Sarina Marina, Venezuela

In Venezuela, there are many mountain plains far from the outside world.
The largest collapse hole is located on Mount Sarina Sarina, with it maintaining its own ecosystem.

The bottom of the hole, with even a giant tree inside.

2. Big hole in Qubley, South Africa

The big hole is the entrance to a large, unused mine in Kimberley. In order to hunt for diamonds of great value children and workers were arrested for mining without safe equipment.
The famous De Beers diamond was found at a weight of 428.5 carats and is the origin of the legendary diamond company.

3. The indigo blue hole of the Belize coral reef

The hole is approximately 340 meters in depth and 120 meters in depth created by nature. Is a tourist and destination of divers around the world who like challenges
The hole is known as the diver's grave. Because of its danger, only experienced divers are worthy to explore.
Many divers end their lives in this beautiful hole.

4. The wells of St. Patrick, Orvieto, Italy

With a shape that looks like it came out of the demon world. The pond was built with the intention of storing water for the people during the siege.
It was built with the care of the Church, beginning construction in 1527 by the order of Pope Clement VII, who took refuge from Rome to Orvieto.

5. The crater of Yasur, Vanuatu Island

Yasur is an active volcano on the island of Vanuatu. The latest explosion occurred in 2017, and local tribes believe that ancient gods were in the crater that was angry when disturbed.
That's why only seniors and sorcerers can climb the volcano until the story becomes famous and many people have to climb and watch with their own eyes. 
Yasur is considered the closest accessible volcano in the world.

6. The inverted tower of Mason, Portugal

A pond with a purpose built in Sintra. The spiral stairway is like a path to heaven or hell. It is believed to be used in dark rituals and forecasts.
The depth here can put a ten-story building.

7. Austrian giant ice cave

The cave is situated at an altitude of more than 1500 meters. Its name is translated from German as
"The Giant Ice World", which is the largest ice cave in the world. The length of the cave is about 42 kilometers. More than two hundred thousand tourists come here every year.
In the olden days you had to walk up on your own but now there is a cable car.

8. Drainage holes in the dam Northern california

The largest man-made hole the drain holes can drain many tons of water in a matter of seconds.
It was built 50 years ago and still works well as a tourist attraction of tourists around the world as well.

9. Er Wutong Cave, China

A group of explorers discovered it by accident, retaining their own ecosystem.
The cave has underground waterways and lakes full of living creatures that can be found anywhere on Earth.
The cave is as long as 64 kilometers, with exploration taking more than a month to explore the depth.

10. Cave collapse of Guatemala

A sinkhole that occurred naturally in the middle of Guatemala, when three-story factories and houses collapsed underground to appear as larger holes.
The researchers said that the soil in the area is filled with limestone that is easily washed away by water.
The people believe that the city may be caused by a damaged drainage system which is under the responsibility of the city.

11. Gateway to Hell (Darwasa), Turkmenistan

Gas holes were created by humans and were known as the gateway to hell, beginning in 1971 when the ground was dug down to find oil but found natural gas leaked. To prevent danger from people around causing the authorities to fire to fire the gas away, anticipating that it would end the problem in a day or two
But their calculations were wrong and the fire in the hole never extinguished to this day.
The hole is approximately 60 meters deep and 20 meters deep.

12. Russian Ice Cave, Malandovsky

The ice cave was discovered under the volcanic Madonovsky and it should be able to take each other without causing damage to each other.
The beautiful ice shelves in the caves attract many people to visit and take pictures, even though the ice layers have started to thin from melting.
In Thailand, we have many caves as well.
And where do you think the caves of our country are?

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